Ask Dr. Tom: Work Ethics of the Younger Generation

Ask Dr. Tom:
Work Ethics of the
Younger Generation

by Thomas Davidow
Genus Resources Inc.

Question:Do you think that the work ethic of the younger generation is the same as the founder’s?If your answer is “no,” do you feel that this will impact the business?

Answer:It is too easy an answer just to say “no.”A “no” answer assumes that the younger generation is not as responsible as the older.When comparing the work ethic between two generations, it is very important to look at the differences in motivation factors.

The need to provide basic food and shelter is generally a pretty powerful incentive for hard work.The senior generation often comes from, if not poverty, at least a far less affluent background than the one it has provided for its offspring.Consequently the younger generation’s drive to succeed may not be characterized by the same sense of urgency.When the younger generation has been spared the same experience of struggle for survival, the two generations are separated in a most profound way. More…