Reality Based: Reinventing A Family

Reality Based: UMass
Reinventing A Family

by Kitty Axelson-Berry

Tyler Young carries on the tradition of reinventing a family business in step with the times.

When Tyler Young was a 27-year-old junior account executive at an Atlanta ad agency, his dad called and asked him to come back and get into the family business. Tyler and his wife liked it in Atlanta but said OK. That was in 1987.

The day after they arrived back home in Springfield, Tyler’s 66-year-old father passed away. Three years later, Tyler became president and CEO of W.F. Young, which manufactured Absorbine and Absorbine Jr. Five years later, a thorough evaluation of the company resulted in a major step: After 104 years in manufacturing, W.F. Young moved away from manufacturing its products and refocused its efforts to their marketing. More…