How Mediation Can Provide a Win-Win Solution While Fostering Family Togetherness

How Mediation Can Provide a Win-Win SolutionNortheastern University
While Fostering Family Togetherness

Family Business Quarterly

The dispute at the family-owned company seems irreconcilable. The sister, who is marketing director, wants a higher salary and bigger title. The brother, who is president, feels the sister is getting too big an ego and is refusing her request. She threatens to sue and he threatens to resist.

Such disputes are perfect candidates for mediation, according to two experts who appeared at a recent Executive Breakfast sponsored by Northeastern University’s Center for Family Business. “What you are really looking for is a creative process to craft a solution tailored to the interests of both parties,” said Robin Sher, president of Robin Sher Associates, a firm that provides conflict management services. “That process is mediation.” More…