Value Added

Value Added
by Dan Rabinovitch
University of Southern California

The valuation expert plays the role of the detective.He or she must delve through the complexities of a business’ performance; culture; key players and clients; and industry trends to arrive at a fair judgment of its worth.The IRS defines fair market value (FMV) as an amount the buyer is willing to spend and the seller willing to accept, neither under any compulsion to act and with equity to both.

This formula may shadow the very subjective “story” behind a business and its value. What is the mission of the company?What is the culture of the business?Who are the key players?For example, the opinion of a 5% stakeholder in a public company is not, by definition, weighty enough to dictate company decisions.On the other hand, if that same person holds 5% interest in a family business and she is the mother, no one is going to disregard her opinion.

Scott Adelson has performed valuations of closely held firms for eight years.It’s up to him to determine fair market value of a company. In a family business, he observes, FMV relates equally to those outside the business as those inside. More…

Life Disposition of the Family Business

Life Disposition
of the Family Business
Succeeding Generations
Fall, 1996

by Barbara Gill, CLU, ChFC, CFBS
& Dale J. Seymour, CLU, ChFC, CFBS
Seymour and Associates

Retiring from the family business?What does one do?Sell to other family members?Sell to an outsider?Perhaps retain the family business and gift portions annually to other family members.What about an installment sale or private annuity?Is an ESOP an alternative?What about charitable remainder trust?How does one structure the deal so that the buyer can afford to buy and the seller can afford to retire?Fortunately, there are many creative planning opportunities available to assist the family business owner who desire to create an exit strategy.Planning in advance becomes the key.

Without question, there are many choices to be made regarding business transfers during a lifetime.One option the family business owner always struggles with is whether or not to sell the family business to family members or an outside third party.In the event of structuring a sale with family members, several particular questions should be addressed.

First, are all of the family members interested in buying a proportionate share of the business?Secondly, should all the family members be involved in the business?If not, how do we treat those who don’t buy a proportionate interest?Should they receive a minority position in the business anyway?Of course, one could alternate the bequests for non-involved family members if sufficient assets are available. More…