eWinning Workplaces Success Stories – RTC Industries, Inc.

Winning Workplaces Success Stories – RTC Industries, Inc.

Taking the tough questions – and decisions – to weather the economic storms

The questions have been coming hard and fast. Will we have more layoffs? What benefits will be suspended, or cut? What kind of new business is the sales force trying to drum up? Will we have summer hours this year? Why should I feel secure?

After a bumper couple of years in the late ‘90s, RTC Industries, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of in-store display units, has felt the downdraft of the recession and, particularly, the economic pressures on its retail clients. Over the past year, RTC has undergone three rounds of layoffs, totaling about 100 employees, and suspended benefits such as subsidized health club memberships and tuition reimbursement. Not surprisingly, employees are now nervous. More…