Succession Planning at Erving Industries

The Changing of the GuardNortheastern University

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Charley Housen succeeded his father as head of Erving Industries and created one of the nations largest privately owned paper-processing companies. His son, Morris, is very bright, passionate and energetic. But Morris and Charley have very different styles. And those styles arent always compatible. Charley would like to see Morris at the office by 8:00 AM in a shirt and tie. Morris says his father doesnt see him at 1:00 AM working in his shorts in his home office. As a follow up to two previous presentations to the Center, Charley and Morris share the latest chapter in their work together.

Ego conflicts, loyalty issues and differences in strategy and vision. These are just some of the succession issues that Charley and Morris Housen have struggled through, yet they still managed to avoid family conflict. They accomplish this by effectively separating their business and personal feelings. More…

Resolving Conflict in Family Business

Resolving Conflict in Family Business

The University of Connecticut
by Peter A. & Susan R. Glaser, Ph.D.

Being in a family business can be both joyful and agonizing. How is it that the people we care for the most can become the recipients of the very worst we have to offer? We usually have the best of intentions when we talk to our spouse or a family member about a challengingbusiness issue. So how is it that our good intentions are misunderstood?

Every message we communicate occurs on two levels simultaneously. One level (the onewhich we tend to be most aware of) we call the content level. This is the information component. The other more subtle and powerful part of the message is the relationship level ofmeaning. Anger and conflict are usually caused by the subliminal relationship messages. More…