Diversity in the Workplace

Democracy in the Workplace
by Dr. Edward Lawler, III
University of Southern California

This call goes out to family business owners, managers and employees:Get involved in each other’s business!Read on and keep two ideas in mind.

One, any employee may have secret talents and ambitions that can help grow your company.
Two, in the increasingly complicated work place, it becomes more and more difficult to judge the worth of a worker.
Democracy in the work place might sound like a lofty ideal based more on ethics than economics, but motivation expert and USC Business professor Ed Lawler has a formula for companies that may translate into results you can take to the bank (And it can help smooth out owner-successor relationships, too).

Total quality management.Creative problem solving groups.Suggestion teams.These are all innovations the publicly-traded family business Motorola Corporation has used to restrict the growth of management layers in the organization.Why? “Supervision costs money.” More…