Top Ten Reasons Founders Won’t Let Go

Doud Hausner and Associates

Those of you who have heard Ernie Doud speak about frustrations in the world of family businesses have probably heard this “Top Ten” list. We’ve gotten so many requests for copies of the article that a version is reprinted with his permission. With apologies to David Letterman, here they are:

10. “Too many people I’ve known have died soon after they retired (or acted like they were dead).”

There’s no correlation between mortality and retirement. However, it helps to develop interests outside the business to which you can turn your attention.

9. “Without me, the business is nothing.”

Get your ego down to a more realistic size. In fact, under your successors, the business may evolve in ways you’ve never imagined. More…

After 79 Years of Family Tradition …

by Rebecca Pole and Justin Craig
Australian Centre for Family Business, Bond University

Business History

Whilst many viewed the early indicative signs of the Great Depression last century as insurmountable obstacles, true entrepreneurs like Harry Lea saw them as an opportunity. From modest beginnings in a street pushcart and barrow, his business, Darrell Lea Chocolates, was a virtual overnight success. A unique chocolate experience, Darrell Lea’s customer driven concept evolved from fulfilling a suppressed customer need in a time of desperation, poverty and grief. Rising in the face of adversity, today Darrell Lea is a 100% Australian owned family business icon with annual revenues of over $80 million, over 400 stores nationwide and a customer base extending over more than 14 million people. An impressive market share when the total Australian population is currently about 20 million. More…