Mission Statements

by Leslie Dashew

In our last issue, I wrote about Vision Statements. There is often confusion between the concept of a vision statement and a mission statement. A mission statement is a statement of purpose: it describes why an organization exists. A vision statement, on the other hand, describes a desired state for the organization at some time in the future.

Mission statements help to clarify and focus the attention of those who belong to the organization. Business mission statements help employees understand why the business exists and can help them to understand how their role helps to contribute to the company’s purpose. For example, a company’s mission statement might read: The Company provides premier precision manufacturing solutions for our customers in the diesel engine and affiliated markets. Through our collective efforts, we will achieve strategic corporate growth and attractive capital appreciation for all stakeholders. We accomplish this by operating our businesses with a foundation of ethics, customer focus, developing and respecting our employees, and operational excellence. More…

You’re Never Too Big For a Successful Culture Change

You’re Never Too Big For a Successful Culture ChangeNortheastern University

Family Business Quarterly

Northeastern University center for Family Business

The Northeastern University College of Business Administration CEO Forum and the Center for Family Business were honored to have Carol Lavin Bernick as the featured speaker at a recent joint meeting. She and her husband, Howard, run Alberto-Culver Company, the $2.9 billion public company that Carols parents founded in 1955 and turned over to the new generation of management in 1994.

In her presentation titled “When Your Culture Needs a Makeover” Carol described the process of changing their corporate culture and its positive impact on the business. While many family business authors and researchers speak of the importance of sustaining culture in the face of transition, Carols experience was very different. More…