Explosive Franchise Growth Poses Challenges

by John D. Dadakis, Esq.
the firm of Rogers & Wells

Family business issues are permeating the business headlines, frequently because of costly and destructive litigation that had its origins in flawed legal advice rendered to a family business.The fight over the one share control issue in the battle for American Maize Products exemplifies how a distribution from an estate can have lasting effects.The Haft family’s public battle over the Dart Group can only conclude a nightmare for its public shareholders.

The problems that arise are the same, whether the family business is defined as a closely-held, owner-managed, or family-owned business, and in fact pertain to publicly-traded companies with an important presence of family in stock ownership, as well as to strictly private family enterprises. More…

Estate Planning: Hindsight and Foresight

Estate Planning: Hindsight and Foresight

Family Ink
Spring/Summer 1997

Estate planning can be both a gut wrenching and time consuming experience. You don’t sit down and do it. It takes time and professional assistance. It often requires some tough decisions, difficult choices, even coming face to face with one’s own vulnerabilities. Perhaps, that is why so many business owners, and particularly owners of family businesses, procrastinate. How well you plan, however, may well determine not only your future but that of the family and the familybusiness, members of the Family Business Forum were told during a recent seminar at theRothman Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University. More…