Sustaining the Benevolent Intent In Family Business

Sustaining the Benevolent UMass
Intent In Family Business

by Tetty Gorfine, M.A., President & Owner
Integral Solutions
(Business and Organizational Consulting)

I believe that many family businesses exist for the very best of reasons. Just to name a few; families want to spend time together, share in the joy of success, invest in the well being of those they love, and parents wish to pass along a good and secure life. Children want to carry on the family name and desire to perpetuate the growth of the family business.

There is no doubt that these and many other benevolent reasons create and sustain the family business. There are of course situations where family members would benefit by not working with relatives which is an entire subject onto itself. However, in situations where working together serves the best interest of family members it can be confusing when good and well intended people find themselves, at times, amidst conflict and opposition with those they love. How, then, can family members recreate their best intention to support and love each other in daily business and in times of transition? More…

For Couples Working Together, Setting Ground Rules is a Must 1

For Couples Working Together,
Setting Ground Rules is a Must

by Carol Sorgen

You married your beloved for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer. But for profit or for loss?If you’re in business together, that’s about the size of it.

Take David and Sharon Nevins, for instance.

David Nevins credits much of Owings Mills-based Nevins and Associates’ success to his wife.Sharon Nevins joined the 10-year-old public relations, marketing, advertising and customer service firm two years ago and started the company’s advertising division. But David Nevins, whose firm had capitalized local billings of $6 million last year, admits the partnership–the business one–isn’t necessarily a “forever” thing.”It’s advantageous now, but we have no long-term plans,” he says. More…