Enhance Your Business By Creating A Positive Culture

Enhance Your Business By
Creating A Positive Culture

Family Ink
Summer 1995

Editor’s Note: Stan Silverzweig, along with his partner, Nicholas D’Agostino of D’Agostino Supermarkets, has served as presenter on several occasions before the Rothman Institute’s Family Business Forum at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

The best way to enhance a business is to create a positive culture, according to Stan Silverzweig, president of Silverzweig Associates, a management consulting firm which specializes in changing and improving business cultures.

Silverzweig, whose clients have included Wal-Mart, The Disney Stores, Coca-Cola, Hoffman La-Roche and Exxon, claims every organization has “its unique set of indigenous culture norms.”These behavioral patterns, expectations consisting of an unwritten set of rules, have an immense impact on an operation, he maintains. More…

Building the Family Business “Team”

Building the Family Business “Team”

Family Ties Newsletter
November 2001

By Michael Wilkes, MBA, CBC, Senior Leadership Consultant

Developing an effective team is a major challenge for any business. Yet, it can be especially challenging for a family business since members of your team frequently wear a number of family and business related “hats”. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for developing a productive team, but rather an overall guide to the hard work that is required.

To start, you might want to view your team as an “energy source” that team members are responsible for harnessing and directing. The team is responsible for three primary tasks in harnessing this energy – establishing Purpose, Partnership, and Process. Within each of these tasks the team must assure there is Clarity, Capability, and Commitment. More…