Public Speaking Tips

Public Speaking Tips

by By Ted Harwood, Ph.D.
Business Persona: Executive Communications Consulting

Maybe you’re like a lot of people who, when invited to give a talk, ask themselves: “How can I get out of doing this?” “Why did I even agree to talk?”

If you view public speaking as a chore or, worse, as a nerve-wracking, anxiety filled experience, the chances are good your audience won’t enjoy and benefit from hearing you talk, even if you have worthwhile information to give them.

The first thing you have to try to do is change your attitude — by coming to view public speaking as an enjoyable activity, something you look forward to.Your enjoyment of speaking will increase the chances that your audience will attend to what you say, actively listening and absorbing your insights — rather than just sitting there noticing your discomfort and awkwardness, and then turning their minds someplace else.An audience can be looking at you, nodding mechanically, but without hearing a word your saying — because they lost interest the minute you got off on the wrong foot. More…

Succession Planning at Erving Industries

The Changing of the GuardNortheastern University

Family Business Quarterly

Northeastern University Center for Family Business

Charley Housen succeeded his father as head of Erving Industries and created one of the nations largest privately owned paper-processing companies. His son, Morris, is very bright, passionate and energetic. But Morris and Charley have very different styles. And those styles arent always compatible. Charley would like to see Morris at the office by 8:00 AM in a shirt and tie. Morris says his father doesnt see him at 1:00 AM working in his shorts in his home office. As a follow up to two previous presentations to the Center, Charley and Morris share the latest chapter in their work together.

Ego conflicts, loyalty issues and differences in strategy and vision. These are just some of the succession issues that Charley and Morris Housen have struggled through, yet they still managed to avoid family conflict. They accomplish this by effectively separating their business and personal feelings. More…