What Is the Toughest Case That You Ever Had?

What Is the Toughest Case
That You Ever Had?

Understanding the Family Business
May, 1997

by Thomas D. Davidow, Ed.D.
Genus Resources, Inc.

The toughest cases are the ones that are the most heart wrenching. The toughest case that I ever had was a situation in which a very talented member of the younger generation had an addiction problem. His parents had continued to “rescue” him each time he got himself into difficulty.There was no ostensible reason for this young man to have a problem.The parents were loving, involved, thoughtful and supportive people.

The family shared the problem with me early in the assessment stage of our engagement.Although the family member with the problem acknowledged that he had a problem, he was incapable of taking responsibility for his behavior.He suggested that his problem stemmed from his father’s emotional unavailability to him as a youngster and that his father treated his brother with favoritism. More…

Working for Yourself

Dennis Jaffe

It is so easy to fall into the trap of working for your family’s business. It is always there, available, and easy to start. And like a drug, it can lull you into danger and self-delusion. After a while, you can begin to feel empty, unexpressed and less than alive; yet, because of the perks, and your own fear of life outside, you can begin to feel trapped.

It is not bad or wrong to choose to work for your family. It is dangerous. It is best to be aware of yourself while you work for your family. Here are several of the ways you can respect and develop yourself while working for your family. More…