Family Business Resources

Creating Your Team – Are You a Founder or a Leader?

When we start out in our family businesses, we know all the answers and seldom seek advice.

We keep strategy in our heads and rarely see a need to share it with others. Family members are managing their own areas of responsibility with little overlap between them. We’re able to operate pretty effectively within our silos.

But then “growth” happens.

When the business begins to grow rapidly, we begin to realize we can’t continue to do everything ourselves. We need the help of others and begin to openly share strategy and decision-making with others.  More…

It Can Be Lonely at the Top of a Family Business

“Leading a family business can sometimes feel lonely and isolating”

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, recently mentioned in an interview that leading Apple “is sort of a lonely job”. He mentioned the importance of seeking outside advice, and whom he turns to when he does. One example included calling Warren Buffett. I’m assuming you don’t have “Warren Buffett’s” number in your phone contacts, but think of whom you might have outside of your company. More…