Is Your Resume Ready?

“Everyone thinks working in the family business has lifetime job security”

I attended a coaching session recently for people who are job searching. Not for myself, but with a friend who just recently lost her position at a family business.

Everyone thinks working in the family business has lifetime job security. But actually there are several reasons you may need to change careers:

  • You may choose to leave
  • You may be asked to leave
  • You may sell the business
  • The business may fail

Did Not See That Coming

My friend worked as a non-family member in a family business More…

Survival Guide: Surviving Summer Family Get-Togethers for the Family Business (you know, just in case you need it or anything)

Summer brings on a slower business pace, some much-awaited downtime, and for the conflicted family business, the often-dreaded family get-together vacation.

These get-togethers are commonly held at the parent’s vacation home where everyone descends to enjoy a week or more of vacation together on neutral territory. This bringing together of the family outside of the business is where it gets a little awkward. More…