We’ll Never Do That Again: Taking the Temperature of Your Family Business Culture

We thought we had pretty thick skin until we received responses from our Employee Opinion Survey.

When was the last time you asked your employees how they thought things were going? We had just come off an unsuccessful union organizing drive in our family business by a small faction of disgruntled employees. Even though the union wasn’t voted in, it made us aware of some employee issues that needed attention to improve the culture of our company.

When the labor issue was over, part of the healing process was how to move forward and mend relations with the affected employees. We had hired an outside labor management firm to guide us through the unionizing campaign. The management firm used two tools to evaluate the employee sentiment. The first was a comprehensive wage survey to benchmark our wages against other companies in the area.  More…

Is Your Resume Ready?

“Everyone thinks working in the family business has lifetime job security”

I attended a coaching session recently for people who are job searching. Not for myself, but with a friend who just recently lost her position at a family business.

Everyone thinks working in the family business has lifetime job security. But actually there are several reasons you may need to change careers:

  • You may choose to leave
  • You may be asked to leave
  • You may sell the business
  • The business may fail

Did Not See That Coming

My friend worked as a non-family member in a family business More…