Taking Time for a Vacation

Taking Time for a Vacation

The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship

Burnout is a frequent complaint from entrepreneurs. When burnout occurs entrepreneurs have lost their passion for the business and desperately want out of their business. When they started their business they were so excited, went to work each day looking for new challenges and were in love with their business. Now work is a chore and they no longer want the responsibility of their business. What started out as a grand adventure is now a dismal disaster. What happened? I have found out that losing the excitement for your business or burnout can be avoided by taking time off away from work.

I was assisting five entrepreneurs last week and I asked them when was the last time they took a week off. Without exception they could not remember the last time they took a week off. When I quizzed them further, they responded:

“I have too much work to do.” 

“The customers and workers need for me to be there.”

“I would feel guilty about leaving the business.”

“I would not know what to do with the day off.”

“I would not know how to enjoy myself.”

All of these entrepreneurs are headed for burnout and they put themselves, their business, and their employees at risk.

Being able to take time off is not something that is not deserved but rather it is something that is required for a job. You must take time off from work. Long weekends do not count. Every entrepreneur, as part of the requirement of their job, needs to take at least two weeks off (this can be separated into two one-week vacations).

By taking time off, entrepreneurs come back to work with their battery recharged and passion for the business rekindled. Taking their “required” vacation forces entrepreneurs to develop personnel who can make a decision when they are not there. Developing personnel to run your business when you are not there is critical to the survival of your business.

When taking time off, entrepreneurs need to either leave their cell phones in the charger or not take them with them. The purpose of the vacation is for the entrepreneur to get away from all the responsibilities of the business and also for the staff to develop their skills.

Vacations for entrepreneurs should not be considered as something that is not deserved, but rather taking it should be thought of as a requirement of the job.

This article appears courtesy of the The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship.