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Learning to Let Go of the Family Business

“At some point you have to stop chasing your legacy”

There is no retirement age in a family business.

The senior generation can stay on as long as they want. Often beyond their shelf-life. There are many reasons for wanting to stay on longer than they should; succession concerns, fear of retirement, personal finances, to name just a few.

One major reason is chasing their legacy and wanting to leave on a high note. They want to preserve their legacy by leaving when the business is peak performing. This puts them on a vicious circle of chasing success.  Too often while waiting for perfect, opportunities are lost.

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How Not to be the Next Family Business Scandal

Admit it. Don’t you enjoy reading about family business scandals?

It makes your family business seem more normal. You’re not alone. The most popular category of articles on Fambiz are about conflicts and family.
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10 Ways to Make Your Family Business “Cool”

creating an awesome business culture just might help attract the younger gen to give it a ride

Part of keeping a family business innovative is to encourage change and try new things. One way to create this culture change faster is to encourage the younger generation to join the family business. The younger generation brings fresh thinking, new strategies and modern leadership styles.

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