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Compensating Family Members – The Most Sensitive of Subjects

Honestly, are you truly worth what you are getting paid?

Family member compensation is a sensitive subject and can spark up conflict quicker than almost any other single issue in a family business. Family members tend to either be undercompensated or overcompensated, rarely are they in-line with the pay scale for their position in the outside market. Family businesses carry a stigma and false perception of over paying their family members. I have found it more often is the opposite and the majority of family members are compensated below the market salary for their position. (read more)


Real Issues

When is it Time to Bring a CFO Into the Family Business?

“the event that really triggered our decision to bring in an outside CFO was a situation involving a serious fraud incident”

Most family business accounting functions are initially run by an accounting manager, then a controller, and eventually a chief financial officer. Over time, the accounting department gradually evolves into more of a financial department. As your family business grows in size and complexity there is an increasing need to go beyond just reporting the numbers, and the need to analyze the financial results in a manner to be acted on. (read more)