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Fraud in the Family Business – It Happened to Us. Twice.

Family business fraud is never expected, but it’s even more unexpected when it’s from someone inside your business (continue reading)

Entering the Family Business – Working You Way Up or Landing in Management

Some of us come in at the bottom of the organization chart in a line position and work our way up, while others land into management level positions and take control more quickly (continue reading)


Real Issues

Professionalizing the Family Business While Maintaining the Corporate Culture

As our family businesses grow it becomes increasingly more difficult to retain the small business advantages that made us successful and different from non-family firms. As we grow we need to begin involving more non-family employees in the planning and strategy of the business. We no longer can keep these plans “close to the vest” (continue reading)

“The Show Must Go On” – Family Business Succession Planning in a Crisis

In January, a 7-year old girl was the miraculous lone survivor in a tragic plane crash that took the lives of both of her parents and her cousin. The parents were the owners of a second generation, 50-year old family business, Gutzler’s Furniture in Nashville, TN. (continue reading)